The Burgundy

Is mainly a beautiful landscape and its untouched faune and flore. It has all those romantic “châteaux” and of course an excellent cuisine.You will be surprised about all the green valeys, the “charollais” cows and “Bresse”-chikens and you will love the wild small rivers with their untouched boards that will slowly pass by your swimming house.On your way, you will cross herons, kingfishers and you will see the famous white “charollais” cows grazing or looking for some shade under trees.You can discover the rich cultural side of this region that goes down to the dark middle age, the castles, cathedrals, …And last but not least the famous gastronomy, the burgundy wine, the cheese and all the delicacies of the region.However you like tradition, culture, untouched nature, french markets or calm rides on the rivers,Burgundy offers you unforgettable moments and holidays!

Burgundy and its wines

The famous wine regions are the “Chalonnais” all round the city of “Chalon-sur-Saône”, the “Mâconnais” all round the city of “Mâcon” and the “Beaujolais” which is situated south of “Mâcon”. In nearly every wine growing farm you can participate in a wine taste.

Burgundy and its history

The very busy city of Chalon-sur -Saône is well worth a visit. Don’t forget to see the Museum of Nicéphore Niepce, the inventor of photography. After Chalon the Saône grows wider still, and its low banks form beaches at the curves in the river. Your delightful journey on the Saône will end in Lyon, the city of silk, bridges and nice little restaurants.

St.Jean-de-Losne is notet for its river activities. Its positon at the crossroads of the the Saône, the Burgundy Canal and the Canal du Rône au Rhin has always made it a great favourite with boatmen.

The port of Auxonne is one of the nicest places for taking a break. The young Napoleon Bonaparte was stationed here for three years. You can visit the museum devoted to him.

In Gray you will find streets that are as picturesque as they steep lead up from the river to the old town.