The port

The port of Gigny sur Saône

Since 1994 we have run this port at the ancient lock. The lock became out of use in 1980 after a new one at the small village “Ormes” about 4 km south of our base was built. Along the lock chamber there are three distribution points with two ports for water and electricity each. Today our lock is a pleasure port for private boats and of course for our houseboats. The lock chamber is about 180m long and 16m wide. With its dimensions it offers about 25 boats a mooring place, depending on their length. Inside the lock there is a pontoon with a length of 36m, at the downstream exit of the lock there is another one with 24m length. These pontoons offer a perfect mooring place for all boats during the flood periods. In the capitainerie you will find a toilet, shower, washing-machine and a drier. The toilet is free. Near the capitainerie you can use our free WIFI.

What to do in a marina?

Very often “marinas”, also called “leisure harbours”, are open to tourists and sailing enthusiasts for a quiet and relaxing trip. You can then moor your boat there without any worries.

However, there are more options for enjoying this place, such as fishing.

What are the conditions for fishing in the harbour?

If you wish to fish in a port in Saône-et-Loire or anywhere else in France, it is important to find out beforehand. There are certain regulations regarding authorised and unauthorised areas. These regulations aim to preserve the environment.

If you wish to fish on your boat in Burgundy, it is advisable to have a freshwater fishing card and to find out about the fishing seasons during the year.

For more information on availability and fishing conditions in our port in Saône-et-Loire, please contact us.