Things to know and rules

Navigating a boat

To navigate one of our boats, you don’t need a licence. Everyone is allowed to drive, even the kids if you are supervising them! You will be surprised of the nearly unlimited capabilities of your “swimming home”.

You can cruise from town to town, from port to port, or just from mooring place to mooring place, just as you like to.

It’s self understood, that you can bring your pets with you.  But please also bring your own dishes for feeding them ! On board you will find everything necessary to spend a longer time on. There is enough equipment for the allowable number of passengers on each boat. You can cook, eat, drink, sleep or take a shower- everything on board. Each of our boats is equipped with minimum one bathroom, one kitchen, a living area and of course one or more cabins. Remenber to hire a bike to be more flexible.

Sales point for fishing permits.

We have a big interest to make your stay at our base a very comfortable one. So we established a sales point for fishing permitions.The “vacation-card” is valid for 7 days and allows you to have up to three fishing lines at the same time. The “season-card” is valid from 01.01. to 31.12.

On your way : the waves that you produce with your boat can damage the boards of the rivers, so slow down please.

Information for houseboats : the locks in France are free for charter boats. Most of them are automatic and the rest are operated by yourself or by lock-keepers. Please follow the advice of the lock-keepers.

Timetable of the locks : the locks are daily open from approximately 08.00 until 19.00  with a break of one hour at lunch time. On the following days the locks are closed: 1st of May, 14th of July and 1st of November. At the 14th of July the locks on the river Saône between Corre and Soing are working.

To stop : you will need to tie up your boat savely. Many small villages and towns are equiped with a port for a save stay.


Find the signals to navigate safely.